Storing Stuffed Animals

Storing Stuffed Animals

Creative Solutions for Cuddles and Decluttering

Stuffed animals have a unique way of filling our hearts and homes with love. But as their numbers grow, they can become a source of cuddly chaos! Here's a guide to decluttering and storing your stuffed animal collection while preserving their charm and creating a tidy space.

Step 1: Sort and Sentimentality

  1. The Love Test: Hold each stuffed animal and ask yourself: Does this bring me joy? Does it have special memories attached? If the answer is a resounding "yes," it's a keeper.
  2. Outgrown Friends: Be honest about whether certain toys have been truly outgrown. Consider donating gently loved stuffed animals to give them a new life bringing joy to another child.
  3. Damaged or Duplicate Toys: Check for any worn, damaged, or heavily soiled stuffed animals. If they're beyond repair, it might be time for them to find a new purpose.
Storing and sorting Stuffed Animals

Step 2: Creative Storage Solutions

  1. Display with Pride: Turn your favorites into décor!

    • Floating Shelves: Arrange a few special friends on shelves for a playful touch.
    • Shadow Boxes: Create a unique showcase for a vintage or much-loved stuffed animal.
    • Under-bed Storage Baskets: Slide baskets filled with plushies under the bed for easy access while staying organized.
  2. Cuddly Containers:

    • Hammocks: Hang a net hammock in a corner to display and contain a collection of stuffed friends.
    • Toy Chests or Bins: A classic storage solution, but make it fun with brightly colored bins or decorative labels.
    • Vacuum Seal Bags: For seasonal or less frequently used plushies, vacuum storage bags save space. However, use this sparingly, as compression can affect the shape and fluffiness of your plush pals long-term.
  3. Repurpose and Upcycle:

    • Bean Bag Conversion: Transform a larger stuffed animal into a comfy bean bag! Carefully remove some of the stuffing and replace it with bean bag filler or polypropylene PP cotton for a snuggly seat. PP cotton is a hypoallergenic and readily available stuffing material that can restore fluffiness and provide good shape.
    • Pillow Pal: Remove some stuffing and insert a small pillow to create a cuddly, multi-purpose companion.
    • Donate to Charities: Organizations (see our previous article on donation locations) will happily give your loved stuffed animals a new life spreading joy.

Step 3: Maintaining Organization

  1. Rotate the Crew: Keep the displayed selection of stuffed animals limited, periodically rotating them to keep things fresh and minimize clutter.
  2. Toy Library System: If your child has a vast collection, create a "library" where they can check out a chosen number of stuffed animals at a time.
  3. Storage as Play: Make tidying a game! Have your child race to fill a basket or assign a fun "home" for their plushies (e.g., the hammock is "Sleepy Mountain").
Storing Stuffed Animals


  • Clean Before Storing: Before putting stuffed animals away, freshen them with a gentle surface clean or wash if needed.
  • Avoid Extreme Conditions: Store plush toys in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent fading or damage.
  • Label It: Clearly label storage bins or containers to easily locate specific stuffed animals if needed.

Remember, storing stuffed animals can be a fun and sentimental experience. By incorporating creative solutions and clever organization, you can keep your space tidy and your heart full of those cuddly memories.

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