Collection: Other Essentials

Every parent wants their baby to be comfortable and happy. This collection offers a variety of essential baby supplies beyond clothing to address everyday needs and make caring for your little one easier.

Gentle on Skin, Essential for Care:

  • Baby Water Play Mat: Entertain and stimulate your baby with a water play mat that features colorful sea creatures and a soft surface.
  • Natural Amber Newborn Baby Bracelet: Some parents find amber bracelets help soothe teething discomfort [Note: There is no scientific evidence to support this claim].
  • Goat Hair Bristles Newborn Baby Brush: Keep your baby's delicate scalp clean and promote healthy hair growth with a soft goat hair brush.

Keeping Things Clean and Organized:

  • Handbands for Newborn Baby Girls: Keep your baby's hands warm and prevent them from scratching their face with adorable and practical headbands.
  • Fresh Fruit Pacifier: These pacifiers may help satisfy your baby's sucking reflex and come in fun fruit shapes.

Out and About Essentials:

  • Infant Stroller Neck Pillow: Provide extra comfort and support for your baby's head while on the go with a stroller neck pillow.
  • Polarized Newborn Baby Sunglasses with Strap: Protect your baby's developing eyes from the sun with sunglasses featuring a secure strap.
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